Our Team



Iqbal P. Sheikh, Chief Executive

Mr. Sheikh has over 40 years experience. This includes about 14 years of utilities and another 26 years experience in various fields of engineering & management consultancy. He has vast experience in design, feasibilty studies, market research, business planning, resource planning, work procedures, performance monitoring, training, budgets, accountability and administration. The variety of projects includes civil, electrical, and environmental and mechanical engineering projects. As Chief Executive of the firm he has overseen numerous projects being executed by IN Consult team. 


Naeem Javed, Director

Mr. Naeem Javed is Director of IN Consult and has over 40 years of experience. He has command over contract & procurement management, electrical & civil design, preparation of bidding documents for procurement of goods and works, evaluation of bids, preparation of contract documents in accordance with relevant guidelines, project scheduling and monitoring, and overall project management. Mr. Naeem has developed and oversaw various programs for optimization of different parameters covering different stages of project management.


Ahsan J. Mir, Senior Consultant

Ahsan has over 8 years experience in managing projects, conducting feasibility studies, market research, strategic planning and Monitoring & Evailation (M&E) in various sectors including industries and education (Tertiary and TVET). He has also managed numerous design and development projects including multi-billion schemes. 

He is highly skilled in stakeholder management and client engagement, and therefore has managed successfull completion of numerous projects in his professional career. 



Nouman Iqbal, Junior Consultant

Nouman completed his Masters from Imperial College London and has joined IN Consult (Pvt.) Ltd as a Junior Consultant. He has previously interned at the company for 2 consecutive summers and is now involved full time in numerous projects in different sectors including education, renewable energy, electrical designs and energy auditing. 

Masud Ahmad Khan, Principal Design Engineer

Mr. Masud A. Khan has vast international experience in desining electrical systems, conducting energy audits, and energy efficiency studies across the globe. He posses knowledge and experience of working in line with multiple international standards and guidelines. His special interest is in designing lighting systems for public and private buildings and facilities. 

Tauseef Anwar, Chief Architect

Mr. Tauseef has graduated from National College of Arts with degree in Architecture. He has over 11 years of experience in designin various types of buildings including high rise buildings, commercial plazas, institutional buildings, hospitals, master planning of industrial zones and housing schemes, and houses of numerous sizes.

He has worked in the United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and most importantly in Pakistan & Azad Jammu Kashmir. Mr. Tauseef is well versed with the requiremetns and bylaws for all types of buildings and has successfully designed large scale hospitals and high buildings with more than 30 floors. 

Summera Islam, Study Expert

Ms. Summera has over 13 years experience in conducting multi-sectoral feasbilites and market studies. In her tenure at IN Consult (Pvt.) Ltd, she has completed large number of assignments of varying magnitude for clients ranging from Government Departments, to international funding agencies including UNIDO, World Bank, IFC, GIZ, and various others. 

Her data analytics skills have assisted her in carrying out complex assignments in short periods and providing well balanced consultation to clients. 

Shahzad Ali, Manager Business Development & Business Analysis

He is a dedicated professional with hands on experience in business analysis and business development. Mr. Shahzad's Master's Degree in Finance and his experience spanning over 15 years have provided him a firm hold and know how of detailed business analytics and business development. 

Abdul Rauf, Senior Architect & Design Expert

Mr. Rauf is the Senior Architect and Lead Design Expert at IN Consult. He specializes in building planning and interior designing. He has over 15 years of experience in desiging numerous buildings and facilties including universities, commercial buildings, masterplanning of institutional buildings, housing schemes and industrial areas. 

Tanveer Munawar, Quantity Surveyor & Construction Evaluator

Mr. Tanveer is a highly experience professional. Having over a decade of experience in building works, quantity evaluation, prepartion of cost estimates, estiamtion of quantities, construction audits, and construction quality analysis, he adds significant value to the IN Consult team.


Ali Sufyan, Structure Engineer

Mr. Ali is an experienced structure designer having experience in designing complex structures for all types of buildings including high rise plazas, institutional buildings, residential buildings, and many other areas. 

Uneeb ur Rehman Ali, Electrical Engineer & Project Management Expert

Uneeb ur Rehman Ali is holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Master's Degree in Project Management. His expertise include electrical systems designing and project management/scheduling. 

Mohammad Afzal, Junior Electrical Engineer

He is an Electrical Engineer with good command over his field. Mr. Afzal also holds great command on computer systems and databases. 


Technical Personnel 14
Non-Technical Staff 10
Consultants/Associates 16
Total 40