env policy

Environment Policy

IN Consult recognizes its responsibility to minimize the impact that its activities and operations may have on the environment. This will be achieved with the implementation of an Environmental Management System complying with the international standards.

In compliance with the standards IN Consult will ensure that:

  • We shall establish, maintain and implement procedures to identify the environmental aspects of activities in our offices in order to determine those that have or could have a significant impact on the environment.
  • We shall establish, maintain and implement procedures to control such activities in order to minimize or prevent pollution and to reduce waste, particularly in the use of paper, water, electricity and gas.
  • In addition to our policy to reduce waste, we shall strive to re-use and re-cycle waste wherever possible to contribute to the reduction in the use of resources.
  • We shall comply with the relevant environmental legislation and regulations applicable to offices, including relevant voluntary standards and codes of practice.
  • We shall strive to continuously improve standards by setting clear environmental objectives and targets and monitor performance against these targets.
  • We shall actively seek the support of our clients, contractors, suppliers and members of the public by making them aware of the company’s Environmental Policy and gain their help in achieving its aims.
  • We shall audit our Environmental Management System on a regular basis to ensure both compliance and continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to seeking alternative energy sources.